Why is my HVAC making noise?

It’s expected for your heating and cooling unit to make a little noise as it runs. There are a few considerations that affect its sound level, like age and insulation.

However, hearing weird or loud noises may mean a potential problem with your machine. If you won’t service it, there might be serious (and pricey) consequences down the road.

Here are some of the AC noises we regularly experience in Ravenna and what they may mean. If you’re hearing any of these sounds, get in touch with a Expert right away. Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning will figure out what’s happening with your unit and what needs to be done to restore it.

Equipment that makes a large amount of racket increases sound pollution. While noise might not necessarily have an affect on energy efficiency, it can impact comfort in your residence.

HVAC equipment created today are quieter than previous models. However, it’s smart to check sound ratings for your new air conditioner, particularly if it’s placed near your bedroom or living room.